Gore Gasket Tape

GORE Gasket Tape is a low stress to seal, form-in-place gasketing material that is thin and flat. It is the perfect solution for rectangular or narrow sealing surfaces that require a wide, flat and smooth full-face strip-type gasket under 2 inches. It compresses easily into a thin profile and seals with minimal force. GORE Gasket Tape is the preferred choice for equipment with tight tolerances and where compressed thickness is critical.  This type of gasket sealing offers high versatility, it reduces sealing costs and is easy to install and remove. It is also available in a wide selection of widths and thicknesses, which makes it great for all kinds projects.

GORE Gasket Tape can fit any ring-type or full-face gasket application and can be shaped quickly and easily, without having to precut pieces. It features a self-adhesive backing that is perfect for any application where a thin, flat engineered gasket is needed.

Key Features

• Made of 100% expanded PTFE
• Conforms to flange irregularities

• Chemically inert
• Flat, thin, rectangular gasket
• No wasteful scrap

Key Benefits

• Outstanding versatility
• Low stress to seal
• Easy to install and remove • Lowers total sealing costs