Innovative Solutions

Supplier of o-rings, engineered seals, mechanical seals, braided packings, gaskets, PTFE components and elastomeric (rubber) seals.

Proven Reliability

We emphasize service, technical support, material expertise, and a deep inventory that allows us to service your needs.

Customer Focused

For today's demanding applications, Sealing Specialties has the material capabilities and inventory to meet all of your requirements.

Technology Driven

Working closely with our trained application engineers, we can offer the most advanced solutions to your critical sealing needs.

What's New

A global automotive aftermarket parts manufacturer partnered with Sealing Specialties, Inc. to assist with engineering, material recommendation, and technical support to improve their part quality, part performance, and provide a cost reduction where possible.  The program, which is ongoing, has been highly successful by increasing part reliability and decreasing part recalls and warranty claims.

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Featured Product

The Gore Series 500 Gasket Tape is the preferred sealing option for steel piping and equipment. It features a design that encapsulates the latest advances in worry-free sealing performance, with an improved creep resistance that allows you to “set it and forget it”.

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Reverse Engineering /
OEM Interchange

A large percentage of our business involves producing seals and related components where the customer provides the current component and inquires with us to produce the same exact part, or with revisions. Our reverse engineering capabilities allows us to duplicate seal and related components while delivering value added cost savings, improved performance, shorter lead times, and hands on technical support.  Our technical expertise and design guidance produces improved performance and increased reliability.